Instructor Accomplishments:

Alex Breve – Assistant Dean of Academic Support
Public Relations History Website, Website, 2006

Elena Bogardus – Dean of Transitional Studies
Quasi-Experimental Retrospective Study: Effects of Formal Math Study Skills Instruction on Remedial College Math Achievement
Doctoral Dissertation, University of Phoenix, 2007

The Effects of Intensive Block Scheduling on High School Mathematics
Master's Thesis, Rowan University, 1996

Susan Choi – Dean of Math and Science
Patents and Publications List

Lawrence J. Danks – Full-time Business Programs Professor
Danks, Lawrence J. Your Unfinished Life…The Classic and Timeless Guide To Finding Happiness and Success Through Kindness , Helpful Media, November 2008

Matthew Flacche – Full-time Math Professor

Book Covers:
layout and design for Math Fundamentals Workbook, published with McGraw-Hill
layout and design for Elementary Algebra Workbook, published with McGraw-Hill
layout and design for Basic Mathematical Skills, published with McGraw-Hill and written by Baratto/Bergman
layout and design for Beginning Algebrapublished with McGraw-Hill and written by Baratto/Bergman

Drumkit of the Month
Modern Drummer, Photo Spread, January, 2009

Drumkit of the Month
Modern Drummer, Photo Spread, July, 2007

Drumkit of the Month
Modern Drummer, Photo Spread, September 2003

Pascal's Triangle and Sierpinki's Triangle: An Incredible Link
The AMATYC Review, Fall 2000

The "Grandmaster" Dilemma
The Black Book, Editorial, March/April 1999

Cover Designs for the AMATYC Review
Spring 2001 | Fall 2001 | Spring 2002 | Fall 2002
Spring 2003 | Fall 2003 | Spring 2004 | Fall 2004

, Rowan University, May 2000

Kathy P. Hairston – Adjunct Professor of Academic Reading & Writing Skills

Crafting Cultural Meanings: Artistic Creation and Meaning for African American Visual Artists. Academic paper presented at the Eighteenth National Conference for the National Association of African American Studies (NAAAS). Baton Rouge, LA, February 2010.

Doctoral Dissertation: Crafting Cultural Meanings: Artistic Creation and Meaning for African American Visual Artists, Fielding Graduate University, December 2008

Kay Klotzback – Full-time Art Professor
Mural Art
The Catherdral Kitchen Installation, December 2008, Camden, NJ

Students that worked on the mosaic mural: Cathryn Coratolo, Eleanor Gribok, Christina Hopkins, Shelley Mandilian, Julianna Micha, Suzanne Morgan, Tina Panna, Michelle Wister, Joseph Remakis, and Tracy Steele. Also contributing to the project were Henry Cummings (volunteer), Phil Rychert (art technician), and Joe Brenman (mosaic technician-consultant). The border tiles were created by the clients of Cathedral Kitchens in workshops we gave in the summer.

Pet Illustrations
Pet Art, The Urban Animal, November 15, 2008

Book Cover and Illustrations
Everybody Loves Elwood, December 2007

The State of Visual Arts at Two-Year Colleges
Academic Paper, 2008

Ryan Morrison – Adjunct Computer Graphics Professor
Video Game: Hands On! Tangrams, Nintendo DS, April 20, 2009
(Available for purchase in stores and on the Internet).

Michele Mitchell – Adjunct English Professor
Poem: "cant candy coat it"

Poem published in National University's Literary Journal The Gnu, Winter 2008
unmuted, Masters of Fine Arts-Creative Writing/Poetry Thesis, National University, San Diego, 2008

Poem: "now they are alleys", January 2009

Keith O’Shaughnessy – Full-time English Professor
Book: Incommunicado - 'Incommunicado,' was selected to receive the 2011 Grolier Discovery Award, sponsored by the legendary poetry bookshop on Harvard Square of the same name. The Discovery Award is given for a first book of poems. Of Incommunicado, poet Rachel Hadas has observed: “Keith O’Shaughnessy has composed Incommunicado with extraordinary thoroughness. Incommunicado arranges its paradoxical shards — art, appetite, beauty, decay — into a lush and austere design. I know of no book like it.”

Irene Pace– Adjunct Professor in the Reading and Writing Department
Book: “The Why Me Antidote: A Woman’s Guide to Discovering God’s Purpose, Privilege, and Potential in Adversity"

Louis Pinkett – Adjunct English Professor

Accepted a Fulbright lecture grant in Russia beginning September 2009 for one semester. The assignment is at Pyatigorsk State Linguistics University, a well thought of institution in the southwestern part of the country about a day's drive from Sochi and the Black Sea.

Film as a Teaching Tool, Louis Pinkett: Instructor, English Dept. Funding made possible through a Camden County College faculty fellowship, June 2008.

Some Cultural Considerations in Second Language Education, Academic Paper, Louis Pinkett, paper delivered at the •Minsk State Linguistic University, 16th International Conference, "Transatlantic Experience: Experimentation, Appropriation, Disruptions."

Introductory Remarks - Annie Hall, address given (simultaneously with Russian translation) at the Annie Hall lecture at the •Minsk State Linguistic University, 16th International Conference, "Transatlantic Experience: Experimentation, Appropriation, Disruptions."

Photograph, Professor Pinkett on a State Dept fellowship in Belarus addressing a large audience as a featured speaker at the US EmbasLouis Pinkett: Instructor, English Deptsy film presentation of 'Annie Hall' in Minsk .

Photograph, Professor Pinkett and wife and in the audience after the screening.

Nancy Raftery – Full-time English Professor
Measurement of Plasma-Derived Substance P: Biological, Methodological, and Statistical Considerations
Clinical and Vaccine Immunology, November 2006

Gennaro S, Raftery N, Campbell D, Shults J. Cervical and Vaginal Cytokine Determinations in Pregnant Women: Methodologic Issues.Biological Research for Nursing [serial online]. Jan 2008;9(3):215-222.

Sandy Tannen – Full-time Math Professor
Using Student Engagement and Goal Setting To Achieve a Winning Classroom
NADE Digest, Spring 2007

Students Learn by Teaching
American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges, October 2004

Keep Them Coming Back! Strategies to Improve Student Retention
Viewpoints, January 2006

Pamela Felder Thompson – Adjunct Professor in Academic Reading & Writing Skills
Historically Black Colleges & Universities, Contributing Chapter, edited by Marybeth Gasman and Christopher L. Tudico

John-Paul Vermitsky – Adjunct Biology Professor
Antifungal Resistance of Candida glabrata Vaginal Isolates and Development of a Quantitative Reverse Transcription-PCR-Based Azole Susceptibility Assay, Antimicrobal Agents and Chemotherapy, Sept. 2008, p. 3424–3426, Vol. 52, No. 9

Survey of Vaginal-Flora Candida Species Isolates from Women of
Different Age Groups by Use of Species-Specific PCR Detection
, Journal of Clinical Microbiology
, Apr. 2008, p. 1501–1503, Vol. 46, No. 4

Pdr1 regulates multidrug resistance in Candida glabrata: gene disruption and genome-wide expression studies, Molecular Microbiology, June 2006

Promoter-dependent disruption of genes: simple, rapid, and specific PCR-based method with application to three different yeast, Current Genetics, 2005, p 117-125,
Vol. 48

Azole Resistance in Candida glabrata: Coordinate Upregulation of Multidrug Transporters and Evidence for a Pdr1-Like Transcription Factor, Antimicrobal Agents and Chemotherapy, Oct. 2004, p. 3773–378i, Vol. 48, No. 10

Joseph Wojie – Adjunct History Professor
Entrepreneur/Founder of Grim Philly Twilight Tours

Voted Best City Tour each year since inception and the only tour out of over a hundred featured on Anthony Bourdain's "The Layover" on Travel Chanel- Grim Philly has amassed a cult following with educational but gritty adults only tours on serial killers; vampires, sex, aphrodisiacs, ghost hunting, grave robbing, gangsters, 1920's speakeasies, pirates, the Jersey Devil, and other darker subjects.







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